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Our Last Event was standing room only, with amazing fun and feedback. So this one is looking to be louder, better and more activities.

One (or more) special ladies will be given a vibrating remote controlled “Easter egg ” to hide.. (Special orders have been placed for the most powerful ones available..)
Then all gents will be asked to participate in “Spin the dong” game, and the winner will attempt to locate the egg via use of the remote..
May or may not be as easy as it seems guys! 🙂
So come on in and bring your friends—we’ll make sure you have an unforgettable night full of fun, laughter, and maybe even a little bit of debauchery.

Kinkii Klosett has grown into a sensational experience! We host parties every month in an upscale, elegant and classy environment with a turnout of over 200 guests at every party since July 2020 . There is always something to do and everyone is welcome.

$15 entry for singles, and couples and $20 for throuples.
We pride ourselves on bringing the most magical mix of people to our events. We welcome everyone from the LGBTQ+ community, people dipping their toes into the Kink/Swinging scene, Age Players, Little People, Doms, Subs, Pups, Masters, Slaves and everything in-between.

Keep up with what to expect throughout the night on all our social media accounts as well as our FetLife account.

We will also have a raffle with adult toys as a give away. These raffles help support all the hard work it takes on to put on such a remarkable event for everyone and keep our beautiful venue updated.

We allow BYO on all event nights, but do not accept intoxication.
Nibbles and a BBQ is provided on the night for a nice sausage to munch on.

Safe play is always recommended and we do provide complimentary supplies when you sign in to the venue – and throughout the night when requested. However, it is at patrons’ discretion.

The strict dress code applies: semi-formal evening wear or lingerie for ladies and Males require a collared shirt, long pants (no sweatpants), and closed-in shoes (no work boots) or Fetish wear – put in an effort!


Here at Kinkii Klosett no person is obligated to engage with anyone in any way, at any time, always seek consent and accept a no the first time.
ALWAYS ask for consent before participation in any physical or sexual contact.
ALWAYS ask for permission: “may I watch or would you like space?”
DO NOT touch without permission, that’s assault.
DO NOT open doors and curtains if they are closed,
DO NOT follow people around, active avoidance means no.
DO NOT expose yourself – NO serial flasher moments.


Kinkii Klosett has the right to refuse a daily membership to any customer with no explanation needed.
Reasons for denied entry would involve intoxication, dress code breach, ratio of genders attending on the night, and previous misconduct violations.