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Kinkii Couples evening in Fortitude Valley!

        As of late – we have had so many young couples (and young single ladies) frequent on the weekends and they want more couples – so here it is!
A night with even numbers – perhaps stacked more to the feminine corner!

       It will be strictly Couples and Ladies only till 1am(ish) – however – we may invite selected single gents to join, and we will pre-select them here. After 1am – we will open up the venue to our regular weekend members.

     Our Event is also posted here on RHP:

     Keep up with what to expect throughout the night on all our social media accounts as well as our FetLife account.

     We will also have a raffle with adult toys as a give away. These raffles help support all the hard work it takes on to put on such a remarkable event for everyone and keep our beautiful venue updated.

We allow BYO on all event nights but do not accept intoxication.

Nibbles and a BBQ is provided on the night with light refreshments available for all!