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Giddy up fellow KInkii’s and Funsters!

The Kinkii’s have been brainstorming, and have upped the ante with some unforgettable surprises for this upcoming agenda.
The last few Couples events have had a tremendous turnout and we have been inundated with requests for another – so here it is!

It will be strictly Couples and Ladies only – till 12:30am – when we will then open up the venue to our regular weekend members till 3am.
So come on in and bring your friends—we’ll make sure you have an unforgettable night full of fun, laughter, and lots of debauchery.
$15 entry for Single Ladies and Couples – and $20 for throuples.( MFM, FMF, FFF only)
*Early Bird special discount for Single Ladies on tix link.

Every event always sees a few lucky attendees win our raffle of Adult toys lingerie etc.
BYO is allowed on all event nights, however-  we do not accept intoxication.
Nibbles and a BBQ is a mainstay now to ensure you have sufficient energy reserves to fully enjoy the night.
Strict dress code applies, semi-formal evening wear or lingerie for the ladies. For males please a collared shirt, long pants (no sweatpants), and closed-in shoes (no work boots)


At Kinkii Klosett no person is obliged to engage with anyone in any way, at any time. Always ask consent and acknowledge a refusal the first time.

ALWAYS ask for consent before participation in any physical or sexual contact.
ALWAYS ask for permission: “May I watch or would you like space?”
DO NOT touch without permission,
DO NOT open doors and curtains if they are closed,
DO NOT follow people around: active avoidance means no.
DO NOT expose yourself
DO be respectful and fun
DO have a sensational night and
See you all on the evening!!