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Female Lube Wrestling Championships

By December 14, 2022No Comments

This is the hottest event in Brisbane! The most spectacular way to spend an afternoon before a public holiday. Imagine the sounds of summer in the air in an environment to be yourself, let loose watch the ladies bodies shine in our beer garden.

Kinkii Klosett has grown into a sensational experience! We host parties every month in an upscale, elegant and classy environment with a turn out of over 200 guests at every party since July. There is always something to do and everyone is welcome.


$25 per ticket

We pride ourselves on bringing the most magical mix of people to our events. We welcome everyone from the LGBTQ+ community, people dipping their toes into the kink/swinging scene, age players, little people, doms, subs, pups, masters, slaves and everything in-between.

Keep up with what to expect throughout the night on all our social media accounts as well as our FetLife account.

We allow BYO on all event nights but do not accept intoxication.

Kinkii Klosett has the right to refuse a daily membership to any customer with no explanation needed. Reasons for denied access would involve intoxication, dress code breach, ratio of genders attending the night and previous misconduct violations.