Kokos Mini Butt Angel 2


Kokos Mini Butt Angel 2

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Angel 2 features outstanding completion that was not available from 1.2kg small buttocks. With Asian, Caucasian, and Black-like skin, Angle 2 series is equipped with a double-insertion structure of small lips of pudendum that precisely expressed plump and clean large lips of pudendum and pores. The large lips of pudendum wraps up penis softly while the narrow and small lips of pudendum stimulate penis strongly, offering both strong and soft feeling at the same time.

INTERNAL STRUCTURE The interior creases carved irregularly to various directions and G-spot offers great pleasure by penetrating the end of the glans upon insertion. The large and small lips of pudendum are in different colors and different texture where the small lips of pudendum give visual satisfaction when the large lips of pudendum are opened.

1. REALISTIC FEELING OF VIRGIN LIPS : This product will blow mind as the pure numpha are visible when you open the full labium majus and stimulate your imagination.

2. COMB + SMALL BUMPS : The upper part give different and various feelings from the bottom, as it is coupled with comb and small bumps.

3. G-SPOT + LARGE BUMPS : The bottom part is coupled with G-spot and thick vaginal membrane and creases offer even moe thrilling exprience.

Size: 15 cm x 15 cm x 10 cm

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