Kokos Big Hip Hera


Kokos Big Hip Hera

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A real style product; the size and texture is almost identical to a real ass.

Attractive ass perfect for insertion. The real feeling of weight offers the genuine ecstasy of doggy style. Each hole offers different feeling, enjoy a variety of experiences. Feel different feelings of open end + no open end sensation with this single product.

STRONG INSERTION : The comb-patterned design stimulates your penis with strong tightening.

INFLATED G-SPOT, A GIFT OF GOD : Only 35% of women have G-spot (God’s present) that is located about 3-5cm inside the vagina.

When you put your finger into the vagina, you can touch a little bump that will be harden under stimulus conditions.

EROGENOUS ZONE : Sexual feeling that is a contact point of the vagina and the womb.

It stimulates glans penis directly that doubles up your satisfaction.

Multiple 6-step compression and strong tightening : The strong six tightening from the insertion gives compression and adsorption sensation effectively to your penis.

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