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Kinky Kickback Sunday Sessions are a new series of events that is bringing that erotic yet chill vibe for kinksters in the south east Queensland region so they can come together and explore everything erotic in a hassle free sexy environment.

$15 for a single, couple or throuple. You do not have to pre book, just see the staff at the counter to sign into the event.

We will be providing tea, coffee and eloquent nibbles & lollies throughout the day to ensure everyone’s energy levels are at an appropriate level for a wild day full of action packed fun.

BYO is allowed within reason, intoxication is not.

We pride ourselves on bringing the most magical mix of people to our events. We welcome everyone from the LGBTQ+ community, people dipping their toes into the kink/swinging scene, age players, little people, doms, subs, pups, masters, slaves and everything in-between.

Safe play is always recommended and we do provide complementary supplies when you sign-in to the venue and throughout the night when requested. However it is at patrons discretion.

This event will be hosted by your host with the most, our wonderful Bio Drag King ‘Chaos’

Kinkii Kickback Sunday sessions are to give the kink and swinging community a chance to socialize in a relaxed atmosphere on Sunday afternoons in a beer garden like set up.

Sunday Kinkii Kickback Sessions allows everyone of all ages to bring along their collections and  have a couple of BYO drinks while listening to the live music that calms the mind and soul, as well as getting a little wet and naughty to make sure you are ready for the coming week.


Here at Kinkii Klosett no person is obligated to engage with any one in any way, at any time, always seek consent and accept a no the first time.
ALWAYS ask for consent before participation in any physical or sexual contact.
ALWAYS ask for permission: “may I watch or would you like space?”
DO NOT touch without permission, that’s assault.
DO NOT open doors and curtains if they are closed,
DO NOT follow people around, active avoidance means no.
DO NOT expose yourself

Kinkii Klosett has the right to refuse a daily membership to any customer with no explanation needed. Reasons for denied access would involve intoxication, dress code breach, ratio of genders attending the night and previous misconduct violations.