With OnlyFans currently creating massive waves – and lot’s of ladies capitalizing on the new revenue stream, we have had so many requests from dancers, ladies and mom’s asking to pass along any invaluable information to assist them.
So, with this in mind, we have put together an evening combined of a practical workshop, followed by a party where you can showcase all your newly learnt techniques.
Within our team, we collectively have over 60 years experience in the industry; casting, filming, producing, promoting, networking and distributing.

So we do expect that you will leave the event with a whole plethora of knowledge and tools to assist you in every aspect of the porn star experience.

We will begin the evening early, so the dancers may then have ample time to complete the event and then start work at their respective clubs.
So at 5pm, we will commence the event by inviting all OF models and registered ladies (and respective co-actors) to the cinema area.
The hostess of the evening will be Queensland’s Very own Porn Starlett: Luci Power!
Luci was recently awarded XAwards Best Female Adult Content creator.
She is a well renowned Porn Star, Life Coach, Fitness model, Entrepreneur and the one and only – Naked News Reporter!

As this is the Intro to Porn Content creation evening, we will begin right at the basics:
Background into the Industry,
Pro’s and Con’s,
Clarifying your “why” (reasons and driving force for choosing this path)
What to expect as a outcome of this path
How to best capitalize all the wealth, knowledge and networks you may acquire.
Understanding the psychology driving your customers to you.
Choosing your specific niche content.
Just how to start.
What basic equipment you may need.
What positions work best.
The effects and tricks of lighting.
Protecting your content and your mental fortitude, so as to attain your long term end goal.
The basics of video editing.
Etc etc

We will have a film crew, lighting, director and other relevant ancillaries.

Luci will commit to personally showcasing two scenes: A POV double BJ and a Lesbian Scene.
Should you wish to also take part in the scenes, Lucy will require certain formalities to be provided: STI certificates, Model Release forms, Proof of ID etc (please PM us for more information and to register interest)

Ladies and respective co-actors may remain in the workshop till our Hostess calls for the other attendees and invited guests to enter. The party will then continue on till the early hours of the morning.

The Klosett is a fantastic venue smack bang in the Party Precinct of Fortitude Valley.
We are an Adult Store graced with two Cinemas, 8 private booths, a Cam room (you can either view your private antics – or stream your show to the main Cinema screen)

There is also a love sling, dance pole, Lazy Susan and a BDSM Cross, and a very popular Checz Style Fuc Pod.
The private booths all have glory holes with two-way privacy sliders and 55 channels of numerous genres of porn.

There are Toilets, Shower facilities and a smoking / chill out area at the rear of the premises.
The usual Swing rules are expected and enforced: politeness, respect and charm at all times, good personal hygiene is paramount, no illicit substances and there to be consent at all times. Yes means Yes, and No means No.

Government ‘Rona policies are adhered to, Registered Check-in, Temperature, social distancing etc. We will also need to observe the capacity levels throughout the evening in the various areas.

We normally admit 15-20 % extra single males to keep the fun vibe balanced.

Guys – If we missed you in the past please do contact us again. We will endeavor to answer each and every one of you, as we are always looking for nice gents, so – if you express interest, please do make every effort to attend, we always end up with way more ladies than guys!

If you are reliable, you will always be in demand for future GB’s and private events. Just to clarify – it is not just your rocking bod or monster schlong that will qualify you, but your politeness, charm, whit and respectfulness that the ladies will be looking for.
You will require a password to register and purchase tickets, so please contact us for the current password.

Looking forward to seeing you on the evening!


The KinkyK’s!!